Without complicated wire hassles, that toshiba headphones and Over-Ear Bluetooth Headset with Mic offer crisp and transparent sound out and about. It provides up to 12 hours of standby time for unrestricted listening and attaches to phones, laptops, computers, and other smart displays. Its Deep Bass function analyzes the creative atmosphere and adds your custom audio seamlessly to allow you to move only with music. The soft cloth ear cups guarantee a snug fit, so a relaxed musical session is enjoyed.


  1. Apple Siri-compatible voice recognition and Google Assistant
  2. Automatic On, Automatic Off, Pairing by Auto.
  3. Multi-function key, which makes noise and calls respond/hang up.
  4. Mic for hands-free.
  5. Ver 5.0 of Bluetooth
  6. Reduction of Noise: 20dB
  7. Answer frequency: 20Hz-20kHz
  8. Built-in battery powered 500mAh battery
  9. Period for charging: 1-2 hours
  10. Period for conversation: 20 hours

Definition of Product:

Bluetooth or wired headphones are becoming an important accessory for all who cannot stay away with their record collection, kept on their smartphones, computers, laptops, or tablets, especially some used to long months of flying in transport modes such metros, buses, or cars.

These headphones provide refined comfort and luxury when you work or play, providing an impressive 20dB background noise. The battery life of up to 20 hours with fast charge time. Hallmark Toshiba- Effectively and economically with deep bass sound and integrated microphone for easy stereo calling. Neither Apple Siri nor Google Assistant-compatible Voice Control. Crafted aesthetically to provide a snug place over the ears. It is so nice to watch your private playlist, working with all Bluetooth up to 10m and auto-on but instead auto-pair.


  • Controlling the Speech

Competitive with the 10ve worked scope of Apple Alexa and Google Assistant – these Toshiba earbuds have a powerful 10m (33 ft) working distance with 20 hours playtime crystal clear analog circuits – enables 20 hours of continuous noise-canceling music playtime from a single battery.

  • Earpiece with 20 hours of standby time built-in

Sophisticated battery life, enabling a complete charge for 20 hours of standby time.

  • Good quality of sound and heavy bass technology

This Wireless headset from Toshiba has clear sound, power density, and unrivaled sound accuracy.

Toshiba is pioneering India’s inverter movement. Funded by the tradition of 30 years of Japanese innovation, each AC promises high quality, state-of-the-art aesthetics, and creativity that are designed to improve your lifestyle. Interestingly, this toshiba true wireless head-gear, active vibration isolation, or active noise suppression (ANC). This suggests that it can’t cancel the noise, but it won’t empty the processor and ruin the sound. It is good than ANC as an extra feature of image quality. With a CSR chip or a 40 mm motor, the closed-back product gives an immersive Hi-Fi tone. You might consider some solutions if you care about Bluetooth connectivity than the audio system. Several aspects stand out: the RZW-BT180H is simple to pack; at 281g, it is incredibly lightweight but extremely robust.

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