In this day and age, gaming cannot be considered a bad thing at all costs. While an excess of anything is not good, mobile games teach us about life more than we realize. There are a variety of things worthwhile that you can learn from mobile gaming apps that would be difficult to learn elsewhere. Here are some of the life lessons we learn from mobile games:


You can easily face challenges that are thrown your way and eventually overcome them. You also realize that as you move further along, your challenges increase. Every obstacle gives you a chance to grow, an opportunity to improve your game. You view the challenges as they are, instead of looking at them as burdens you need to carry. The understanding that you have to deal with every challenge to further your game is what makes you a better gamer. Games like CoD, CoC, GTA and even Cooking Diary all have something to teach you.

Goals and Rewards

The thing about setting goals and achieving them is that you have to ignore everything around you, every kind of distraction there is, to achieve them. And this principle is well understood by gamers. Even a cooking game such as cafeland can teach you that. These games generally pull your focus and do not let you get distracted. And for that, they reward you generously.


Most games nowadays are about building your empire, leading your clan, or just building a restaurant or a game like mycafe. They teach you that to build your realm and succeed, you have to be a leader that understands and is capable of guiding people under them. Your sense of responsibility towards your team or your kingdom should not waver. Your loyalty towards them should be relentless.


Gamers have a deep understanding of what it is like to compete with the best of the best. You may lose, but there is no scope for giving up. Games such as cooking battle make you compete against others without making you feel like a loser even if you lose. You not only need to compete but also win against all odds to be called the best. You want to be better, and you want to compete against everyone else to come on top. There is no if or but about that.

Playing as a Team

Games teach us to play as a team. While most jobs require you to be a team player, they do not teach you how to be one. On the contrary, games automatically teach you that playing as a team is the only way you can secure a victory. Every single team member is crucial to the team, not even one of them cannot be sacrificed. It makes you want to help your teammates and teach them new skills and techniques so that all of you can benefit from it. That is because the loss of one person could very well mean the loss of the entire team.

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