SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very excellent in increasing the organic traffic of a site. However, it is not appropriate for every kind of site. Other techniques are employed for efficient increase in traffic. An example of these alternative techniques includes SEM (Search engine marketing).

Search engine marketing (SEM)

This is a form of online marketing that improves the visibility of websites on search results. Excellent SEM improves the rank of websites in search engine result pages (SERP). Most sites preferably make use of SEM to generate traffic due to the ease of immense increasing traffic compared to SEO. SEM focuses not only in paid search results but as well as organic results. It covers a wide range for traffic in comparison to SEO that focuses on just organic search results. Parts of SEM include PPC (Pay per click) and SMM (Social media marketing)

Pay per click (PPC)

This is a paid method of driving users to sites. In order to be very good at pay per click campaigns it’s important to always put the user into consideration. The more predominantly searched keywords inserted into content, the more traffic is driven to the site. A keyword list might be created to gauge numerous demand and potential for traffic.

Search engines or other advertisers pay site owners per the number of users that clicks on their content. Web owners and bloggers are driven to produce content that are relevant to the need of the user. The relevance of content increases its rank in searches and prompts users to click on the content. The content must be captivating and of importance to the user, otherwise the user will not be enticed to click on the ads in the contained on the page.

To push users into clicking on the ads, it is important to incorporate keywords into the ad text. Apart from this, the content must match the ad contained on the page. Contrasting ads and content drives users away from the incorporated ads. For instance, if the content was about how to clear uneven skin tone and the ads inserted was about registrar to an online casino. The contrasts would definitely hinder the user from clicking on the ad.

Social media marketing (SMM)

This method employs the use of social media to persuade users to try out a company’s goods and services. Certain keywords are utilized to captivate audience and lure them into clicking on the ads. This could be done in numerous social media platforms. Examples include YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Facebook holds the lion share of traffic as it has a large base of users from around the world. Most social media sourced traffic is traced to be sourced from Facebook while the others are shared among the other social media platforms.


SEO is still suitable for a large amount of websites and blogs. Seo marketing can be used for sites that lean towards paid advertising. This really does help create an efficient post.

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