You’ve probably heard that there are several hosting options available to people who want to host their websites. You must also have heard that dedicated hosting is the best option available, but do you know why? Well, that is what this article is about. It will present you with some of the benefits that you get when you opt for dedicated hosting over other forms of hosting.


Even though dedicated hosting and cloud hosting may have the same amount of RAM, drive space, and CPU cores, dedicated hosting is always the faster hosting solution of the two. The degradation of virtual servers and cloud solutions is caused by several different reasons. One of the reasons that make virtual servers to have degraded hosting capability when compared to dedicated hosting is that cloud service providers often tend to oversell the resources of their servers. For instance, if you buy a 2 core VM but only end up using half of a core, the service provider will be able to see how you use your resources and then sell the remaining 1.5 of a core to someone else. This often leads to overselling of the resources, which often leads to significant performance issues.

Higher levels of security

The second benefit that dedicated servers provide is better security. If security is a major concern for you because of the nature of your business, then dedicated hosting is your best solution. Like the name suggests, dedicated servers are dedicated to serving your needs. They do not have multiple point of transmission for data. You and your team will be the only ones with unfettered access to the server, which improves security a lot.

Also, physical access to dedicated servers is also highly controlled because not everyone can be allowed to access the computers. These computers are usually hosted in secure data centers where only on-site personnel can have access. This limits chances of security breaches and makes your data safer.

Sine you are the only client on a dedicated server, you will be given root access to the server. This gives you more control over all software and hardware on the computer. This kind of access is usually not given to clients in a shared hosting environment. Thus, you don’t have adequate control over your website when it is hosted via the other hosting options.

Fast customization & scalability

Perhaps one of the best benefits of dedicated hosting is that you can easily and quickly configure the server to achieve the right mixture of storage and processing power for your specific needs. You dot have to worry if the customizations you perform will affect other people hosting their websites on the server too because you will be the only client on the server. When your computing requirements change over time, dedicated servers offer you the flexibility to change with your evolving needs. Your hosting will change with the change in your hosting needs. This kind of flexibility cannot be achieved from any of the other hosting solutions. When you need dedicated servers Australia is a good place to check out.

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