The idea of creating a personalized customer experience has always been an important part of the business world, but personalization and customization in e commerce are relatively newer. The future of ecommerce personalization includes several new trends and that’s what we will discuss today.

The personalization e commerce world focuses on delivering personalized experiences to potential customers on eCommerce sites. They do this by showing content, offers, and recommendations that are based on the potential customer’s previous actions, purchase history, and demographics. Here is what you can expect in the future of ecommerce personalization.

A.I. Being Used More Often

A.I. or Artificial Intelligence will continue to help bring personalization to a new level. When a consumer wants to purchase a product that they previously bought A.I. will offer recommendations based on their previous purchasing records.

Though this isn’t an extremely new technology, it will be implemented more widely across the board, and the A.I. will continue to be able to make these recommendations with more and more precision.

Personalized Pricing Breaking onto the Scene

Potential buyers differ on many things. Things such as…

  • what they want to purchase
  • Where they want to purchase something
  • and most importantly, what they’re willing to pay for what they want to purchase

Ecommerce personalization is beginning to focus on showing companies just how much they can charge individual shoppers. What might this trend look like in real-time? Expect to see differences in how bundles and promotions are structured depending on who is receiving them.

Including Offline Data

Offline data isn’t going to be left out of the game. Catalog items or in-store items will soon be part of the personalization database stores have. How will they do this? Some businesses have already started experimenting with apps and other features that allow potential buyers to scan clothing items that they find in-store or in a catalog, and save them on their phone to purchase online at a later time.

As you can imagine, the data that comes from this is extremely helpful when personalizing content to show to potential buyers.

The Implication of These Trends

With the inclusion of offline data, personalized pricing breaking onto the scene, and the continued use of A.I., what does this mean for the ecommerce world? This means that the eCommerce companies that are successful will be the companies that continually value personalized customer experiences.

When personalization is done correctly through ecommerce, it will make customers feel like the business really “gets” them. Which is a fantastic feeling, and something that in the past, was only attributed to an in-store shopping experience with a sales associate.

In response to this feeling, a customer will possibly feel a sense of loyalty towards the company, which will then help companies achieve the highest ROI possible.

Personalization of ecommerce services is already in full swing and has been for quite a while. But each passing day brings about more relevant and unique ways to personalize the customer experience in the ecommerce world.

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