If you have an Alexa device, you are certainly aware of some of the fantastic things that the assistant can do for you already.

Alexa skills are tiny, free applications that you can add to your smart devices to enhance their functionality. For example, among Alexa skills list,you may install skills that allow you to use voice commands to summon an Uber or have Alexa read you a bedtime tale.

Some of the greatest and most valuable skills for Alexa have been gathered by us, Alexa users. If you’re considering an upgrade, be sure to take advantage of the current Amazon Echo bargains.

You can even ask for the latest or trendy facebook statuses to use on your social media account.

Alexa can summon an Uber or Lyft by voice command-

Most frequent mass transit users have experienced running late and attempting to call a cab while getting ready with one hand. The app has to know where your Echo is located before you can utilize this ability, but once you do, you may urgently shout for a ride while bathing and thinking of what excuse you’re going to give your boss this time for being delayed.

Things like these were built for voice-activated devices.

Alexa can provide you with personalized news briefings-

Instead of referring to some experts, we’re talking about personalizing the news you get each day. You’ll get a “flash briefing” of the most important news articles from a few hand-picked sources by default when you ask Alexa for an “update.”

You may, however, allow whatever you want, from The Wall Street Journal to an unauthorized Reddit app. You may add or delete sources from the Alexa companion app’s settings page until you find one that’s just right for you.

Alexa is capable of playing the music you choose-

Once you link your Alexa-enabled device with your Amazon account, you can play songs from your Amazon Music collection on it. Spotify is a good option if you want to listen to music on demand.

You have the option to do that as well, and you can even use your smartphone’s Spotify app as a remote control.

Alexa can read a short tale to you before going to bed-

These tales are perfect for parents who are sick of reading them at night. While you may find the concept of having a robot read to your child to sleep disturbing, be assured that your youngster will enjoy the experience enormously.

You may even add your child’s name to the narrative using the app. Although the tales are short (and Alexa’s dismal reading voice is no replacement for yours), they’re worth listening to if you ever need a break in the middle of a long day.

Alexa may contact a buddy for you-

Anyone who has ever been in a position when they needed aid but couldn’t get to their phone would appreciate Ask My Buddy. In any sorts of emergency situations, it may swiftly and conveniently phone or SMS a single contact (or all of the preset contacts).

However, it does not contact emergency agencies such as 911 or the Red Cross.

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