Businesses who prefer to buy Instagram followers has gone up due to Instagram being a staple app for social media for most businesses and individuals. But apart from having to scroll through the newsfeeds and upload selfies, there are a lot of other things that you can do on Instagram which is making it to be quite popular.

While it might be easy to use Instagram, there are other features, apps and tools which might help you in getting other things out of use of Instagram. The following are things that you will discover as you use Instagram.

Getting notifications from those that you follow

If you happen to have Instagram accounts whose posts you would not wish to miss, then you should enable notifications on your Instagram account. It will ensure that you don’t miss out on their activities on Instagram.

There happen to be two ways that you can enable the notifications. The first one is to go to the profile of the user whom you are following and click on the dropdown following menu underneath the description of the profile and go ahead and click on notifications. From that point, you can toggle stories, post and live video notifications on

You can as well turn on the post notifications direct from the post of the user. Click on the post then press the three dots which are on the right corner of the screen then select post notification turn on. If the notifications become too much, you can use the same procedure to turn them off.

Removing tags of you from various photos

Is it that you have a friend who keeps tagging you in their unwanted memes or unflattering photos? There are ways that you can go around it: go to the photo and tap it to select your user name.

There will be two options that will appear; hide from profile and remove me from the post.  The option for remove me will completely remove the tag. If you don’t want the tag to be removed, you can hide it from the tagged section of the photo of your profile using the hide from profile option.

Clearing your search history on your Instagram

Instagram has various posts on it, and it could be that you don’t want friends to be able to see that you were searching things like hamsters or cats in hats or anything that you find to be embarrassing. For you to be able to clear the history of your searches, you should navigate to your profile and choose the top right three bars of the screen.

Go to settings which are at the bottom of the slide out menu. Pick on the security and the screen will display clear the search history which you will find at the bottom. Pick the option for getting rid of all the search terms that you think are embarrassing.

You need to remember that, when you choose that, it is going to prevent Instagram from having to auto-fill your search terms which are common and thus, a need to be sure of your decision before you confirm.

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