Field Service Lightning (FSL) is a Salesforce solution that integrates customers, employees, and products on a single platform to offer excellent onsite services. FSL (Field Service Lightning) is a Service Cloud add-on that gives a holistic picture of workforce management. This is intended to assist businesses in better managing customer service calls from the contact center representative through the dispatcher console to a completed service appointment from a mobile employee. It also allows the customer service staff to intelligently distribute tasks to Field Service specialists while continuously monitoring them. It gives them the ability to manage client information and data in the field from Salesforce.

Salesforce FSI offers clients several advantages thanks to its extensive set of tools that aid in mobile workers’ monitoring, coordination, and performance acceleration. Here are some of the benefits of field service lighting implementation

  1. It allows for seamless integration and management of work orders

SDFC Field Service Lightning makes it easy to create and manage work orders and integrate them with cases, accounts, contacts, and other critical features. It enables easy job viewing and management from a chart or map view. It also provides access to knowledge articles and allows you to track SLA compliance.

  1. Using AI to Improve First-Time Fix Rates

The solution uses Einstein’s vision to assist mobile employees in swiftly detecting distinct components and assets in photos, making things easier for them and with extensive picture classification capabilities, describing the essential measures that technicians should follow to improve job quality and reduce turnaround time.

  1. It helps assign jobs wisely based on skills and availability.

It has powerful features such as personnel tracking, intelligent scheduling, equipment, and tool tracking. Smart task scheduling assesses employees’ location, availability, and talents before allocating jobs to the most relevant employees to provide the best possible output with no delays or anomalies.

  1. Helps organise jobs from any mobile device

The SFDC field service lightning allows you to significantly increase first-visit resolution and provide enterprise-grade mobile solutions with consistent task schedule delivery depending on particular criteria. It allows your mobile workforce quick access to the complete onsite management team, increasing their production. The FSL mobile applications are specifically designed to meet the actual job needs of the mobile workforce, and they actively assist enterprises and employees. FSL’s mission-critical essential features may be used online or offline with comparable success. Inventory division, knowledgebase, real-time interactivity, and Einstein’s AI are all included.

  1. It helps you make decisions faster

The software dramatically improves your decision-making ability by providing you with comprehensive analytics features. These capabilities give dispatchers and supervisors fast access to various operations’ KPIs and performance status. Giving them insight into potential issues allows companies to shift data between platforms and take proactive measures to address concerns before they become problems or complaints.

  1. Improves employee productivity and efficiency

The assets, contacts, and salesforce cases data are all conveniently managed by this platform. It keeps track of work orders, allowing clients to receive fully individualised service and professionals to make the most of their field time. Employee flexibility is favourably boosted with optimal scheduling, which translates to greater performance delivery. It offers simple technological choices for customising work orders. With its exact task schedule distribution features, you may have more control over productivity.

In conclusion, the above mentioned are a few benefits of implementing field service lighting. Others include offering a better customer experience and enhancing inventory management.


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